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A trip to the Berlin Olympic Stadium from the BELLEVUE apartment. A lovely way to spend a free day, just over a quarter of an hour from home.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy day trip in Berlin, why not visit the Olympic Stadium? Located just 15 minutes from the BELLEVUE apartment, this impressive stadium is a must-see for sports fans and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Built for the 1936 Summer Olympics, the stadium has a rich history and has been updated and modernized over the years. You can take a guided tour to learn more about the stadium’s fascinating past, or simply stroll around the grounds and marvel at the impressive architecture.

After your visit, you can head back to the BELLEVUE apartment and relax in comfort, knowing you’ve had a great day out without having to venture too far from home. So why not make the Olympic Stadium a part of your next Berlin tour?

On a beautiful Sunday morning, I made my way from my apartment in Berlin’s charming Mitte-Tiergarten neighborhood to the iconic Olympiastadion, which played a central role in the 1936 Olympics held in the city. To get there, I took the S-Bahn from Bellevue station, which was just a short walk from my apartment.

Upon arriving at Olympiastadion (S Olympiastadion station, 17 minutes), I was struck by its grandeur and rich history. The stadium, which underwent extensive renovations in 2006, can seat over 74,000 spectators and boasts impressive facilities that make it a top destination for sporting events and concerts. In addition to the stadium itself, there is also an adjacent sports museum, making it a perfect outing for sports enthusiasts.

During my visit, I took a tour of the stadium, led by a knowledgeable guide who provided fascinating insights into the history and architecture of this remarkable structure. I was particularly impressed by the stunning views from the top of the stadium, which provided a sweeping panorama of Berlin.

After the tour, I had the opportunity to explore the adjacent museum, which showcases a range of artifacts and exhibits chronicling the rich history of sports in Germany. From the earliest days of the Olympics to the modern era of Bundesliga football, the museum provides a comprehensive look at the role of sports in German culture.

In summary, a visit to Olympiastadion in Berlin is a must-see for anyone interested in sports history and architecture. With its rich history and impressive facilities, this iconic stadium provides a memorable experience for visitors from all over the world.

Estadio Olimpico en Berlin
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