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Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Tiergarten Park

Berlin’s “Central Park”

Tiergarten Park

Here we present you some places in the park, but there are many more. As close as going down the stairs from the apartment.

The Großer Tiergarten in Berlin-Mitte is the oldest public park in the city and is also the largest landscaped park, covering approximately 210 hectares. Its history dates back to the mid-16th century when it was originally used as a hunting ground. However, in 1742, Frederick the Great ordered the park to be transformed into a public pleasure garden as he was not a fan of hunting. The park was restored in the Baroque style, which quickly made it a popular destination for locals. Today, the park remains a beloved spot where people can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the greenery.

To access the park, simply head down from the apartment and cross the river. The park is full of beautiful trails for running, walking, or cycling, as well as dozens of places to relax. Take your time to explore it – it’s right at your doorstep. Here are just a few of the many places to discover in the Tiergarten park. Enjoy!

Moabiter Werder

We’ll start with an area just below the apartment called the “Präsidentendreieck“. During the warmer months, many people come down to sunbathe on the lawn in front of the Bellevue Palace, and at night, they come to take in the fresh air by the river.

The Moabiter Werder runs along the north bank of the Spree River. The site has a long history dating back to the 13th century when it was first settled. In the 17th century, Elector Friedrich Wilhelm I expanded his hunting grounds there. Today, the area is mostly residential and is home to members of the Bundestag and federal government employees. Notable buildings in the area include the Ministry of the Interior, which was built between 2010 and 2014, a police and fire station, and a school. Additionally, the area is being enhanced with the addition of restaurants and parks.


Neuer See

During the late 17th century, Elector Friedrich III transformed a former hunting ground into a pleasure park, known as the Great Tiergarten, spanning across 210 hectares. Among the park’s attractions is the Neuer See, which is part of the English landscape park featuring tall trees, waterways, and lawns. It has been a popular spot for relaxation and walking since its creation, situated in the southwest of the park. Public transportation is conveniently accessible through the nearby Berlin-Tiergarten S-Bahn station. Visitors and locals can enjoy picnicking in the green spaces, visiting the local beer garden, and exploring the Great Tiergarten lake by renting rowing boats (for example at the Café am Neuen See).



In the Berlin-Tiergarten district’s Großer Tiergarten, both locals and tourists enjoy the Luiseninsel, an artistically designed system on an artificially raised island within the park’s watercourse. The complex’s centerpiece is a monument to Queen Luise, which was unveiled in 1880. Over the years, the monument and its horticultural embellishments suffered damage. It wasn’t until 1987, during Berlin’s 750th anniversary celebration, that the entire horticultural complex was restored to its original design, including the protective and decorative grilles from the earlier plans. The monument to Queen Luise was restored in 2013 and once again sits proudly on the island.


Aquarium Berlin &
Zoological Garden

The Berlin Aquarium was established in 1913 and became one of the world’s largest aquariums. Today, it houses various freshwater and marine animals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Visitors can purchase single or combination tickets to visit both the Aquarium and the Zoo. The buildings are protected monuments and are operated as non-profit, listed stock corporations. The Berlin-Tiergarten zoo, which opened in 1844, is Germany’s oldest existing zoo and spans 33 hectares. It is home to over 20,200 animals from approximately 1,400 species, including endangered ones. Together with its aquarium, the Berlin Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions, drawing over three million visitors annually. 


Café am neuen See

The restaurant's country-style building is surrounded by tall trees and features an outdoor beer garden. During the colder months, visitors can enjoy the lavishly designed interior of the restaurant while savoring international cuisine in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The café has a rich history dating back to 1896.