Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Berlin Bellevue

Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Optimal for a couple


A large bed plus a work space with a desk and monitor. This room has a large wardrobe.

This is the red room.
A comfortable place to relax or work.

The work area is equipped with a desk, chair, desk lamp, paper bin, multiple electrical outlet and a monitor that you can connect to your work or entertainment devices.

The monitor also has a stick to use it with your Amazon Prime account.

Your bedroom in Berlin. Bright, cozy and quiet.

With Japanese decorative touches and a bed and tables made of solid wood, the ‘red’ room offers a comfortable stay in Berlin.

The wardrobe has ample space for longer stays and is well-organized for your convenience.

Blue Angel certified products

Apartment renovated with certified materials. Rest easy.

Enhanced WiFi

WiFi 6 network connected to the internet by cable at 1Gbit/s.

Warm winter

Building and windows with thermal and acoustic insulation.

Apartment red room