Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Berlin Bellevue

Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Orange Room

Small, but well organized


  • A small bedroom with two 200×90 bunk beds.
  • It also has its own small work area and even a small wardrobe.

Welcome to the orange room.
Folding wall desk to work and study.

The work area is equipped with a desk, chair, desk lamp, paper bin and multiple electrical outlet.

A simple, quiet and cozy place to work with your laptop or study.

A cozy little room for the neighbor of the President of Germany!

Two comfortable two-meter bunk beds and direct views of the Bellevue Palace (official residence of the President of Germany), the Tiergarten park and the Spree river. 

A small wardrobe helps to make the most of the space.

Blue Angel certified products

Apartment renovated with certified materials. Rest easy.

Enhanced WiFi

WiFi 6 network connected to the internet by cable at 1Gbit/s.

Warm winter

Building and windows with thermal and acoustic insulation.

Apartment Orange Room