Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Berlin Bellevue

Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Internet & WiFi

1 Gbit/s
cable wifi 6 ethernet x4

Berlin Bellevue Home Internet Connection

Welcome to the Berlin Bellevue apartment! We're pleased to provide you with a high-speed internet connection of up to 1 Gbit/s. We use the Vodafone Station Cable Modem-Router, which offers you WiFi 6 with up to 4,800 MBits/s and 4 Ethernet connections with 1 Gigabit/s. You can create your own network-attached storage (NAS) to store and access your music, videos, and work documents on the apartment network. The router also features an advanced security concept to protect your communication and data from unauthorized access.

Network & Password

Berlin Apartment WiFi password

To connect to the WiFi network, you’ll find the network name and password on a label attached to the router, located in the living room on the sideboard under the TV set.

Illegal downloads

Please do not download or use content that is illegal or for which you do not have the rights to use or copy. Such behavior is strictly prosecuted in Germany, and you may face severe fines of approximately 1,000 EUR for each illegal content, such as mp3 songs or films.

We urge you to comply with the law.



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for gigabit speeds

Wi-Fi 6

up to 4800 Mbit/s 5 GHz + 1200 Mbit/s 2,4 GHz

Protected from unauthorized access

the Vodafone Station features an advanced security concept

Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi

for your home network

Wired Network

with 4 x gigabit LAN and 1 x USB 3.0


Media server, NAS, TV, MyFRITZ!, auto update

Additional Internet Bandwidth

If you require even more internet bandwidth, you can contract an additional 1 Gbit/s download and 500 Mb upload through an optional fiber connection. You can balance both connections using suitable hardware.

We hope you enjoy your stay in this apartment and have a great internet experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.