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Heidenfeld Infrared Mirror Heater

A mirror is no longer just a mirror with the Heidenfeld Infrared Mirror Heater HF-HS200. It is a multifunctional device that provides warmth, light, and practical features. When you look in the mirror in the morning, you'll enjoy the soothing warmth of the infrared heating and the pleasant light from the LED frame. You can customize the lighting to your liking with different settings. Additionally, the device comes with WiFi connectivity and a practical display that shows the weather, date, time, temperature, and humidity. The mirror's anti-fog function ensures that you always have a clear view. Whether you need to heat up the room or get ready for the day, the Heidenfeld Infrared Mirror Heater is a versatile and convenient device that provides warmth, light, and practical features.


This IR mirror heater impresses not only with its multifunctionality but also with its ease of use. Control the heating and light directly on the mirror’s touch panel.

Dimmable LED

You can change the light color in three stages from warm to cold white. The brightness is also individual: dim the LED mirror steplessly until you get the lighting you want.


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App connection

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Power & Service

via touch panel


Weather forecast display


Mirror anti-fog function

IR heater

Infrared heater for pleasant warmth

Pleasant light

Dimmable LED lighting