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Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Warm and
Quiet in Berlin

The building is soundproof and also features a layer of thermal insulation that covers its entire structure

Acoustic and thermal insulation

How to ventilate the rooms in winter? Here are some simple tips. All the apartments in this building have acoustic and thermal insulation on all its facades and surfaces. It also has windows especially designed for acoustic and thermal insulation. In winter, even with all the radiators closed, the temperature stays near 20 degrees. It is a really very warm and comfortable apartment in the Berlin winter. Open the windows wide. Ventilate briefly but intensely. By opening the windows wide, we help air exchange to happen faster and prevent excessive cooling. In the winter months, about 5 minutes is enough to provide our rooms with the right amount of fresh air. Avoid drafts. While in summer this practice gives positive results, in winter it can cause excessive cooling of the walls and the floor. Before opening the window, lower the heating temperature. Thermoelectric actuators, which are increasingly being installed on radiators, allow you to maintain a comfortable room temperature at all times. By opening the window we make the heating system work with maximum power. Although the radiator will heat up, the hot air will immediately escape through the window. Therefore, it will be a good practice to lower the preset temperature during ventilation. During ventilation, close the doors between rooms with different heating temperature settings. This will prevent condensation of warm, humid air in cooler rooms. Remember to ventilate and heat unused rooms. In unheated rooms, the walls and ceiling cool down very quickly, increasing the risk of mold formation.


In winter this apartment stays especially warm, just please remember to bring fresh air into the apartment daily.

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On the hottest days of summer, do not open the windows during the hottest hours and prevent direct sunlight from entering the apartment if possible. Introduce fresh air only in the coldest hours.

Acoustic isolation

The entire building is perfectly acoustically insulated. If outside noise bothers you, something is wrong. Please check that all the windows are firmly closed, one badly closed window is enough for the entire acoustic insulation system to fail.