Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

Berlin Bellevue

Berlin Apartments – Mitte Tiergarten

We’d like to introduce you to our blog about Berlin.

On the blog, we primarily present events, excursion suggestions from your apartment to explore Berlin and its surroundings, or commentaries on the city and its offerings. We discuss the happenings unique to Berlin, as it is a city with a strong and distinctive personality.

Our goal is to provide general information and to make our guests’ stay more enjoyable and convenient. We try to finance our efforts through advertising, and if you click on the ads, our kind sponsors will pay for them. Thank you!

What's nearby?

Thanks to the highly central location of this apartment, one can save a considerable amount of time when travelling around. Berlin is a vast city, spanning many kilometres, however, in each post, we shall endeavor to detail the various public transportation options available for those who may prefer such conveyance.

Urban - special places, tourist landmarks, etc

and directions from this downtown apartment

Nature - forests, lakes, nearby mountains, etc.

in Berlin, surroundings or within reach of regional trains

Events - special events in Berlin

both regular and one-time

Things happening in Berlin

everyday or uncommon occurrences that take place here

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